.... Welcome to GooRoo Media Marketing. My name is Dr. Dan Ardebili and I have been in the marketing game for over a decade now. I have helped launch and market everything from Local Restaurants, International Telecommunication Companies, Fitness Experts, Realtor’s, Mortgage Professionals, Movie Directors, Celebrities, Music Artists, Award Winning Makeup Artists, Motivational Speakers, Yoga Instructors, Spiritual Leaders, to Best Selling Authors. I myself have written and published 2 Best Selling Books and launched my own books, CD’s, and DVD products internationally over the years.

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.. Everyone in business knows you have to advertise to keep customers coming in and business rolling. But these days, advertising dollars are harder than ever to come by. Mass mailings, TV, Penny Saver, Yellow Pages, or newspaper ads are fine, but they are expensive, un-targeted, and downright wasteful. People today are so numb with everything being forced down there throats. Most people have no idea how much cheaper and efficient online advertising can be. Every day thousands of potential customers in your local town are “surfing the net”. Most are evening doing it from there car with a mobile device like a blackberry or Apple iPhone. If you are not harnessing this marketing power, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

My team can get you maximum exposure on the internet through a variety of mediums including YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Craigslist, and more.

I have over a decade of marketing experience and would love to share some of my strategies and ideas with you on how to improve your exposure and sales.

 For a limited time, I am offering a free 30 minute consultation service (Valued at $250). This is a fantastic way to get an assessment of where your business is at, and what opportunities are currently available for you.

I am confident that you will benefit from my expertise and will see your profits grow. Please complete the form below or call me at 949-274-9866 to setup your free consultation today.


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