About GooRoo Media Marketing

GooRoo Media Marketing is located in Pleasanton and Newport Beach California and was started with one goal in mind, to help others achieve massive success using the power of the internet. We have helped everyone from Award Wining Makeup Artists, International Telecom Companies, Celebrities, Actors, Movie Directors, Music Artists, Fitness Experts, Realtor’s, Mortgage Broker’s, Multi-Level Marketers, Photographers, Best Selling Authors, New Authors, Yogis, Monks, Self Help Gurus, to Stay Home Moms who just want to blog.

With over 10 years of experience in traditional and New Media Marketing GooRoo Media Marketing will help your business have a voice that will be heard by millions across the globe!


How Did We Choose the Name?

Guru (pronounced Goo-Roo) ‘gu’ signifying ‘darkness’, and ‘ru’ signifying ‘the destroyer of that (darkness), hence a Guru or GooRoo is one who brings one from (darkness), to illumination (light). At GooRoo Media Marketing we guide you and your companies profits from the darkness into the light.


Who is Dr. Dan?

Dr. Dan Ardebili is not only the founder and President of GooRoo Media Marketing, He is also a Internationally Renowned Best Selling Author, Relationship & Life-Style Expert and Coach (teaching the world to live life with style!), Radio Show Host, and much more.

Dr. Dan’s message is clear, “We are all born RockStars in Life!” For more about the RockStar in Life Movement go here.

He spent the last decade traveling the world learning from the best of the best. Everyone from Western Experts that specialize in Self-Development and relationship challenges, to Eastern Gurus that teach ancient life secrets that have been passed down from Yogi to Yogi for thousands of years.

Dr. Dan and his Wife Siri Shakti Kaur, Daughters Kayleen, Mayleena, and Son Bodhi live in San Ramon which is in Northern California (Bay Area).

Dr. Dan and his beautiful RockStar Family!


Why Did Dr. Dan Start GooRoo Media Marketing?

The reason Dr. Dan started GooRoo Media Marketing was because during his travels he had met some amazing teachers, new authors, and others that had a book, message, or some type of product that could help millions of people if they could just get it into their hands.

But that was the challenge, that most didn’t have a clue on how to get it out there. Dr. Dan made a ton of mistakes himself following some bad advice from many so-called marketing experts on how to market his own products in the first few years. That’s what led him to start GooRoo Media Marketing. So that’s others had a place to properly launch their services and or products and avoid the many expensive mistakes he made in the beginning of his career.


What Kind of Doctor is Dr. Dan?

Dr. Dan is not a medical physician, so please do not call his office and ask to schedule your yearly physical with him (jk). He has completed both Levels 1 and 2 of The Oneness University at the Fiji Campus and obtained is Doctorates in Metaphysics and Divinity. He is also an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church. which is a non-denominational church that recognizes all faiths.